Bicycle rental service

Tabitasu Bicycle Rental Service offers two types of rental plans.


With the delivery plan, you can also use various free services such as baggage delivery service.

*Available free services vary depending on the plan.


[About advance reservations]

Delivery plans can be reserved in advance.

The store rental and return plan can only be reserved in advance for repeat customers and those staying at Setoda the day before the date of use.

*Please contact us if you are an accommodation business operator on Ikuchi Island.


*Helmets are required for all vehicle types. If you do not wear it, we will refuse to lend you the item.


[Delivery Plan]《Advance reservation possible》

Free baggage delivery service



We will deliver and collect your bicycle at your desired location and time.

With the delivery plan, you can use the free baggage delivery service, so you can enjoy cycling light and empty-handed!

[Store rental and return plan]《Advance reservation not possible/No drop-off possible》

Free baggage storage


Advance reservations are not possible.

Available only if there is stock on the day.

Drop-off is not allowed.

Payment must be made in cash only.

*Baggage delivery service is not available.


Bicycle rental plan service comparison table

  Delivery plan Store rental return plan
Advance reservation    ✕ ※3
Phone reservation
tentative reservation
Card payment
Accident insurance    ✕ ※1
Bicycle delivery and collection    ✕ ※1
Free baggage delivery service
Free helmet/saddle cover rental
Free baggage storage service
Free rescue service※2
Free transportation to nearby areas※2    ✕ ※3

*1 Available for an additional fee. (Please see each plan for details)

*2 As this is a free service, there will be no discount refunds even if you cannot use it or do not use it.

*3 If you are a repeat customer, please contact us.


《Vehicle types available for rental bicycles》

Cross bike

Applicable height: 140cm~


  [Number of vehicles owned]


13 cross bikes


  [Compatible size]


180cm to 195cm 1 unit


175cm to 185cm 2 units


165cm~175cm 2 units


160cm~170cm 2 units


155cm to 170cm 3 units


140cm to 160cm 3 units



British folding bicycle




Suitable height: 140cm~


Number of units owned: 6 units


brompton details

E-BIKEmini velo)

VOTANI Q3 (20 inches)


Suitable height: 144cm~


Number of units owned: 3 units


*1 child seat can be installed

*Child seat fee: 1,000 yen per day


VOTANI Q3 details 



E-BIKE(Cross bike)



Size: XXS (145cm-160cm)

Number of units owned: 1 unit




Size: XS (155cm - 170cm)

Number of units owned: 2 units


specialized VADO SL 4.0

Size: M (165cm-178cm)

Number of units owned: 1 unit






kids bike

Kids bike (20 inches)


Suitable height: 110cm to 135cm


Number of units owned: 2 units


Child trailer

Thule Chariot Kuuga


Riding capacity: 1 person


Loading weight 34kg


Number of units owned: 1 unit


Thule Chariot Details


*Child trailers cannot be attached to E-BIKE/cross bike types.

[About reservations]

We do not accept reservations over the phone.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use the reservation form on our website.

  *Tabitasu does not accept provisional reservations so that as many people as possible can use our service.


[About reservation establishment]

Once you apply using the reservation form, we will send you a reservation confirmation email within 24 hours.

Your reservation will be confirmed when you receive the reservation confirmation email.


[About wearing a helmet]

Helmets are required for all vehicles.

If you do not wear a helmet, we will refuse to lend you a bicycle.


[About checked baggage items]


With the Tabitasu Bicycle Rental Plan, we will keep your baggage.

We will carefully deliver and store your luggage, but in the unlikely event that it is damaged, we will not be liable for any compensation.


Additionally, the following items cannot be kept.


〇Easy to break


〇Frozen and refrigerated products


*This service is a free service for bicycle rental users, so we cannot store luggage for anyone other than the user.


 【Cancellation policy】


★If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately.


If canceled due to customer's convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged to the rental fee (excluding out-of-area delivery and collection fee).


・3 days before: 20% of the reservation fee

・2 days before: 30% of the reservation fee

・The day before: 50% of the reservation fee

・Same-day cancellation/Unauthorized cancellation: 100% of reservation fee


  *If you do not show up one hour after your reservation time without contacting us, your reservation will be automatically canceled.

*If it is raining or rainy weather is expected, there will be no cancellation fee.

*Fee cannot be refunded if canceled after rental.