[Free transportation available from Ikuchijima to Omishima]


From Shimanami Kaido to Tobishima Kaido!

Leisurely cycling around Okamura Island and Osaki Shimo Island.


Why not experience the relaxing island time! !


Since there is only one group per tour, you can enjoy it without hesitation as if it were a private tour.


The Shimanami Kaido takes about a 23-minute boat trip from Omishima Munakata Port to Okamura Port on Okamura Island in Ehime Prefecture.


While taking a leisurely bicycle stroll around Okamura Island and Osaki Shimojima on the Tobishima Kaido, we will aim for the Mitarai Townscape Preservation District on Osaki Shimojima.


Why not experience the relaxing island time?


We use Brompton bicycles, but you can change to cross bikes or electrically assisted bicycles.


○Tour departure and arrival point: Omishima Munakata Port

○Meeting time: Omishima Munakata Port 9:20

Minimum number of participants: 1 person

Maximum number of participants: 5 people


〇Tour fee 

If only one person participates: 20,000 yen per person (tax and insurance included)

If 2 or more people participate: 12,000 yen per person (tax and insurance included)

*Tour fee includes guide fee and bicycle rental fee.

*Please purchase your own insurance.

◆Each participant will be responsible for their own round-trip ferry fare and lunch.

*Payment: Please pay the tour price on the day. (cash/card)

You can apply until 21:00 the day before.

☆Free rental of helmets and saddle covers.


Free transportation available from Ikuchijima Setoda Port and Omishima accommodation.



Omishima/Munakata Port 9:40 *Free parking available at Munakata Port.

Okamura Island/Okamura Port 10:03


Osaki Shimojima Mitarai Townscape Preservation District (walk/lunch)

Okamura Island/Okamura Port ⒖:00

Omishima / Munakata Port ⒖:23


Munakata Inazuma Road ⒖:40

↓ Downhill

Rest house 16:00


*It is also possible to change the ferry from Okamura Port to ⒖:50.

*Depending on the season, you can enjoy the sunset.


  If you would like to be picked up from Ikuchijima/Setoda Port, the shuttle will depart from Setoda Port at 8:20am.

*Free parking is available near Setoda Port.

If you would like to be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation on Omishima, we will inform you of the time when you apply.


★If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately.


If canceled due to customer's convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

・3 days before: 30% of the reservation fee

・The day before: 50% of the reservation fee

・Same-day cancellation/Unauthorized cancellation: 100% of reservation fee


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Munakata Inazuma Road (Hyahoozaka)

Petit downhill towards the sunset

It feels good to go down while shouting as loud as you can!

At the end of cycling.

If your time allows, you can take your time and enjoy the sunset.