To the hidden beach that appears at low tide! Cycling to explore Kurushima Strait and Umajima

A small adventure cycling tour where you can enjoy Umajima, a hidden beach that appears at low tide, and the Kurushima Strait and Oshima areas!

Umajima, a small island floating in the Kurushima Strait


Only authorized vehicles are allowed on the island, so you can only get there by boat, bus, foot, bicycle, or moped.

*If using a bus, get off at the Majima bus stop on the expressway.


On Uma Island, there is a sandy beach and a rock hole that only appears at low tide.

As you pass through the rock hole, you will see the strong currents and the city of Imabari spread out before your eyes, giving you the feeling of a mini-adventure.


In addition to Umajima, we will also visit the Kurushima Kaikyo area (Itoyama and Oshima), and depending on the day of the week, we will stop at recommended cafes.


Kirosan Observation Deck, which offers a panoramic view of the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, is a separate option when using a taxi, but it can also be included in the course.


The tour date and start time will be determined according to the low tide time.


Basically, we will meet locally (Roadside Station Yoshiumi Ikiikikan), but we also provide free round-trip transportation from Ikuchijima, Omishima, and Hakatajima.


Please feel free to contact us.


Tour fee

2 or more people 12,000 yen per person

1 person only 20,000 yen per person


*The price includes guide fee and bicycle rental fee.

*Please purchase your own insurance.


Minimum number of participants: 1 person

Maximum number of people: 5 people

Mileage: Approximately 20km to 25km

Required time: Approximately 6 hours

Physical fitness ★★☆☆☆

*Midage distance varies depending on course arrangement.


  [Itinerary example]

Oshima Roadside Station Yoshiumi Ikiikikan 10:00

Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge

Sunrise Itoyama

horse island

Yoshikai Rose Park

Kirosan Observation Deck *Separate option

Oshima Roadside Station Yoshiumi Ikiikikan 16:00


*The above is just a general course. We will arrange the tour for each day depending on the low tide time.


[About options]

We will use Oshima Taxi to go to Kirosan Observation Deck, but please pay the taxi fee yourself.

Taxi fare: 3,500 yen (tax included)

*About 30 minutes at the observation deck

"cancellation policy"

★If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us immediately.


If canceled due to customer's convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged to the tour fee.

・3 days before: 20% of the reservation fee

・2 days before: 30% of the reservation fee

・The day before: 50% of the reservation fee

・Same-day cancellation/Unauthorized cancellation: 100% of reservation fee


  *If you do not show up one hour after your reservation time without contacting us, your reservation will be automatically canceled.

*If it is raining or rainy weather is expected, there will be no cancellation fee.