Tour guide introduction

Representative: Hiroki Watanabe


Career: 8 years of experience as a domestic tour conductor at a certain travel agency. While visiting various parts of the country as a tour conductor, I realized once again how great the local Setouchi area is, and I would like as many people as possible to experience the beauty and fun of the Setouchi area by cycling or jogging through the Setouchi Inland Sea. We have launched the information center Tabitasu.


Qualifications: Domestic itinerary manager / Domestic travel travel business manager / Ordinary first aid course I / Nursing care beginner training


Tabitasu: Written in kanji as ``tabi-soku.'' By adding one of the following to your means of travel: rowing, running, or walking, you can encounter scenery and people that you would miss by car, and experience the wind, sounds, and sounds of the area. You can feel Kaoru, and if you move forward on your own, you will experience a different kind of excitement and sense of accomplishment than ever before. At Tabitasu, we will guide you around the Setouchi area by cycling, focusing on the Shimanami Kaido. The small group size means that even those who are not confident in their physical strength can participate with peace of mind.


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 English guide: Seiji Mishima


Career: Born in Fukuyama City, former public junior high school teacher After watching a special event program on the Shimanami Kaido, he learned about the wonders of cycling and the Setouchi Inland Sea and fell in love with the fun. Taking a leap of faith, he quit his teaching job and moved to Tokyo to learn specialized knowledge about bicycles. He studied classroom and practical work for two years at a vocational school and a bicycle shop. After returning home, he has been active in various ways to spread the word about cycling and the wonders of the Setouchi Inland Sea to other people.


Qualifications: Bicycle safety mechanic/bicycle technician DJI drone specialist

Glass coating construction engineer, food hygiene manager

English guide: Akira Munechika


Career: Shimanami Kaido tour guide.


He started traveling alone when he was 10 years old and has traveled to 46 prefectures and 15 countries.

He likes fields and mountains, picture books, stylish essays, being excited about the islands, relaxing, and wonderful coincidences.

I would like to convey to you the soft atmosphere of Setouchi.

Born on the island of Onomichi.

English guide: Yuki Matsui


Birthplace: Innoshima, Onomichi City. Graduated from Ehime University.


Career: Born and raised in Shimanami. After going on a school trip in high school, he felt strongly that he wanted to work as a bridge between the world and Japan, and after university, he spent his time valuing English and international exchange, and found a job related to English. After returning from a working holiday, he gained a new appreciation for his hometown and started working in the tourism industry for about two years because he wanted to convey the beauty of Shimanami to as many people as possible. Through some wonderful connections, he encountered road bikes and Mr. Tabitasu, and is currently working as an apprentice as an inbound guide. He also works as an apprentice citrus farmer in Setoda Town, helping his grandfather with his field work, and is currently teaching himself Taiwanese Mandarin (Chinese).


  Qualifications: IELTS 6.0 (English) Middle School and High School Teacher's License, Type 1 Foreign Language (English)


English guide: Mizuho Hibino


Career: Lives in Mihara City


After moving to Mihara, she fell in love with cycling and has completed cycling routes mainly in western Japan, such as the Stamp Rally around Shikoku and cycling around Mutsu Bay.


In 2021, she will also obtain the national interpreter-guide qualification (English) and will guide guests mainly in the Kansai region and the Setouchi area, including Hiroshima city.


Her specialties are food and history.


She will convey the beauty and comfort of the Seto Inland Sea, mainly the Shimanami Kaido, and the joy of riding through the wind.


Qualifications: National guide interpreter/domestic itinerary manager/citizen lifeguard course completion